The Power of Imagination

by Owen K Waters

In the dream state, you create any reality that you desire. In a dream, you can be with anyone you imagine and in any surroundings that you choose. In a dream, you might be walking through the local scenery, then suddenly switch to driving in a car and, finally, be flying through the air to get somewhere more quickly. The background scenery can change from one scene to another in a split-second.

When you awake, you may dismiss the dream as an imaginary, fast-changing jumble of pure fantasy. After all, when you come back into the cold, solid light of the physical world, the dream world seems so unreal. But is it? Are all dreams just your imagination running wild, or are those scenic backdrops really created around you within the very fabric of the dream world?

What about those times when you awake from a dream that seemed so real, you find it hard to believe that it wasn’t real. And yet, you’ve been taught to believe that dreams are never real, so then you struggle between that in-built belief and the fact that you’ve just had a very real dream experience.

For example, in a dream, was that really your favorite granddad visiting you, or did you just make it all up? And, why did he look so much younger than when he was alive?

Now, here is the surprising secret. Dreams are real. Very real.

When you are dreaming, you are out of your physical body and functioning in your spirit body in the spirit world.

The fabric of the dream world, or spirit world, is called etheric energy. Mystics call it the ‘astral light’ but, technically speaking, its correct name is ethero-magnetic energy. The substances of the physical world, on the other hand, are composed of electro-magnetic energy. Your spirit body is composed of etheric energy and so is the world that surrounds you when you are in the spirit or astral world.

Etheric energy responds instantly to your thought commands. If you want to change your appearance – shape shift – then just think it, and it will be so. If you want to change your surroundings, just imagine a new set of surroundings and they will appear. At least, to your perception, they will, and to anyone in your close proximity.

Those surroundings are created for you temporarily, as a backdrop, by the power of your imagination. The real surroundings of that location are independent of your imaginative creations, which survive only for as long as you pay attention to them. In the spirit world, these mental creations are called thought forms. The more powerful your ability to mentally focus, the larger and more vivid you can make your thought forms. Within the spirit world, they are solid to the touch, as are the bodies of other spirits.

This demonstrates that, in the spirit world, your imagination is very real as it creates new realities instantly. In the physical world, your imagination creates realities over time. In fact, new realities physically manifest only after you have applied the necessary action in order to organize them in the physical world.

Physical realities don’t just manifest out of thin air like they do in the spirit world. You have to intend them, energize them with your feelings, and then walk them through the steps that will enable them to become physically manifest using existing materials.

The common key between the dream world and the physical world is that imagination creates realities. In the spirit world, they manifest instantly and in accordance with the degree of your mental focus. In the physical world they manifest slowly, also in proportion to the effort that you invest in making them happen.

Never let it be said that, “It’s only your imagination.” In the saga of life, your imagination is everything.

Imagination is your creative faculty.

With it, you have, quite simply, the power to change the world.

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Imagination

    1. Rod Lawless

      Andy P, that’s easy, become detached. Unpleasantness is half of the physical experience. It shows us what we don’t want so as to align us with what we do want. There has to be night to alert us to the presence of day. If you are interested in avoiding something you will be focused upon it. That focus will draw you to it like a moth to a flame. Becoming detached through a meditative practice will help you look upon all experience as being neither good or bad. You will still have the ability to choose what you experience but you won’t be bothered if it turns out to be less than what you desire.

  1. Dea

    The more connected we are to source or spirit the more we are able to create effortlessly. I was in that state of connection and creating was instantaneous. There was no longer any darkness. There is only light and love which is our true self. That light is so powerful that darkness cannot co-exist with it. Accessing that state of light and love is what he spiritual journey is all about. I created for the joy of it because I am a creator. The end result was not as important as the act of creating. In that state there was nothing that I needed or wanted except to create. I was whole, complete and in that ethero magnetic energy while awake rather than asleep. The physical world receded and the spiritual realm was dominant. I was still here but operating from a different level of consciousness with a different set of rules. Everything was possible and miracles and healing were commonplace. That was quite an experience that I will never forget. I got a glimpse of what is real and what is imaginary. The physical world is the dream state and unreal. The spiritual realm is our true reality.

  2. Elizabeth McCabe

    I believe we can also travel in our sleep within the physical world. One story I believe appeared in one of Echo Bodine books about a woman who always wanted to stay at an inn. When she finally went there the road near the inn she felt was familiar. When she arrived at the inn the owner said “here is our ghost”. She had been visiting the inn in spirit while she slept. I had an experience many years ago while Al Gore was still vice president. I recall being there standing beside a couch he was sitting in. I placed my hand on his shoulder and I can still feel the suit material. He looked up at me and then I don’t remember. Felt very real.

  3. Marianne Judy Finch

    I loved this beautiful understanding of imagination and its power, and I have the greatest faith in the power of imagination, and use it daily. Love always. Judy

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