The Greatest Mystery of All Time

by Owen K Waters

Western religion has never been a fan of spiritual philosophy. Let’s face it, deep thinkers are far to risky to have around when great power is at stake. People who thought too much were silenced one way or another.

Look at the poor guy who promoted the idea that the Earth is not really the center of the universe. For his efforts, Galileo was tried for heresy by the Inquisition and, because he was already well-known, the worst they could do to shut him up was to place him under house arrest for the rest of his life.

For thousands of years, the healthy questions about life, the universe and everything all came out of the East. In India, for example, the longest-standing mystery of all time goes like this…

The purpose of the universe is for God to manifest into a world of imperfection and then evolve Itself back to perfection. But, as It already possessed perfection, why create a universe in order to find that which It already had?

Why, when Infinite Being was perfection, bliss, and completion in every way, did it want to move from just being into an active state of doing and create the universe?

What a conundrum and, for thousands of years, there was never an explanation in sight. Until today. Well, until 2007, to be exact.

Remember, these are the days when the secrets are coming out. The mysteries of the universe are to be secret no more. There are ascended masters who impress the minds of physical people at opportune times with information that needs to be made public. No doubt, in recent years, the same realization has filtered into the minds of many thinking persons, but here is how it was given to me.

I was alone in my study pondering that exact question. (Talk about an opportune moment!) Suddenly, the energy changed and I was very much not alone. The room filled with the presence of an advanced master whose energy I immediately recognized from previous encounters.

Realizing that the experience was sending me into what was virtually a dreaming-awake state, and that I was therefore at risk of my memory fading soon after the experience, I grabbed a pen and notepad to record his exact message:

First of all, the thought, “I’ve cracked the code”, came into my head as clear as day.

“What?” I responded, then immediately knew what he meant, as if an understanding had just unfolded into my consciousness.

“I found the answer”, he clarified and, again, a set of related information unfolded itself into my awareness. He had gone beyond the beyond, into realms never yet explored in order to find the answer and bring it back home.

“What is it?”, I gasped in surprise, and promptly received an assurance that it was something quite simple. Actually, when you think about it, an ultimate reality has to be ultimately simple.

“What was the answer?”, I thought, almost bursting with intense curiosity.

Right there, very appropriately, he dropped the answer into my thought stream.

“Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

Infinite Being, in its ultimate peace, bliss and completeness in all ways, had initially developed a spark of curiosity! That was the one, initial catalyst through which all else had come into being.

Curiosity had led to the desire to explore, for Infinite Being to begin to see itself from different viewpoints and to see where that would lead.

The great journey from being to doing had begun in that embryonic seed of curiosity.

The outbreath into Creation had begun and it would continue, driven by the power of curiosity, until the inbreath would eventually bring all of Creation back to its spiritual roots, enriched by having gained an infinite variety of experiences.

Curiosity was the earliest motivator in the history of Creation. Life as we know it began with curiosity.

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17 thoughts on “The Greatest Mystery of All Time

  1. Dawie Steyn

    CWG says God knew everything conceptually, but wanted to know everything experientially (1993 Neale Donald Walsch got this information from God) hot/cold, success/failure, rich/poor, drought/floods etc etc etc and thus Life were created for God to experience All of Itself experientially.

    1. Dea

      That is absolutely true. What I discovered was that you can not be in oneness and duality at the same time. Duality requires that the state of oneness is put on the back burner so that we can experience what we are not and have experiences that are impossible to experience in oneness. It doesn’t make duality or physical life wrong. It is just a different state of consciousness or unconsciousness. The trick is to master this physical realm and then transcend it while enjoying and accepting all that it has to offer without judgement. That is the conclusion I have reached because I did experience the ultimate state of oneness or enlightenment for two years. I chose to return to duality because I wasn’t done with it yet.

  2. Eddie Adamberry

    In reply to the ‘greatest mystery of all time’ I have to ask, if God who is all knowing, has no beginning, no end, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, how could he not know about curiosity? Surely an all knowing God must have been aware of curiosity and all that it can do. I agree that this is the time when all that was hidden will be revealed, when all that has been whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops, but I believe this has to do with worldly things. The mysteries of spirit are impossible to figure out with a finite mind. Even those who are living in the higher dimensions or realms such as the ascended masters have no idea of who or what God is. My personal belief is it’s better to leave theses things to the time when we no longer live in a time frame, infinity is infinity and we can’t even begin to grasp what that means. No beginning and no end, always learning and knowing more and more, always experiencing new lifes, new ways of being, and when we think we know it all we discover we no nothing for in infinity there is always something new to discover. Curiosity absolutely, but for us humans, for God, she/he already knew about it and created us to be the ones to make the discoveries that would give us the joys she/he already experienced from forever.

    1. Dea

      The greatest mystery of all time that we have to solve is that we are God. Each one of us has within us all the attributes of God. We are just pretending to be human and the trick is to come to this realization when we have been told otherwise. We are unlimited, creative, loving, joyful, peaceful powerful beings who have forgotten their superpowers. This is how the game is set up. In spite of all odds we are to return to our divinity while still in human form. It has never left us. We have left it. We have to shift our focus from the outer world to our inner world and there everything will be revealed to us. Any answers we seek are available to us, always. Do not trust or believe anything anyone else has told you or written. Start to trust your own inner knowing and experiences.

    2. Donna Thompson

      “if God who is all knowing, has no beginning, no end, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, how could he not know about curiosity? ”

      Don’t forget – Everything, even God, is evolving in all ways. She/he revisits everything in order to add to that omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. There is always more to be known.

      1. Owen Post author

        Now we know that people have two great divine attributes.
        Originally, one led to the other.
        Curiosity, followed by the creative power of a great imagination.
        Let us never limit either of these great attributes.

  3. Maurice

    God is ,thought,word,& deed,
    & without a free will, ” and the word became ffesh” We humans are the same,with a free will. God’s thought, word, & deed is pure Love. Ours can be & not be ,as evidenced by our blood soaked terra firma. “Thy will be done on earth as it tis in heaven.”

  4. Greg Forester

    This seems very true and relevant to me. I appreciate this message and the follow on comments. I recall in times past when i was led through a period of self discovery that I found a powerful curiousity at the root of my being. This is a timely reminder of the breadth of perspectives and possibilities available to us, some painful and some beautiful but always instructive and helpful. Blessings to all and thanks for sharing!

  5. Seth Maclean

    Curiosity first took place in the spiritual realm till there was PERFECTION. Thus God became OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENCE AND OMNISCIENT. From that state (SPIRITUAL) God decided to express in a physical state to work towards SPIRITUAL PERFECTION.

  6. Rod Lawless

    This is something I have been delving into for a week or so. As there is no time in the Source, I guess that doesn’t matter. If an ascended master was to visit me, I would understand that he is only a part of my own infinite self as I am supposedly a projection of Source energy.
    As for God starting with curiosity, how can an eternal state start with anything? Eternity is not ‘a long time’ but a state of being now. I guess that there is an emanation from source that could possibly be described as beginning in a curious state. Yet to want to know something there would have to be something missing, which infinity doesn’t experience by the fact of being infinite.
    As to what my mental dredging brought to the surface, I saw the reason for the Universe as being a way for an infinite state, God, to know itself. It creates a reflection with an opposite attribute to what it is so that it can be aware through something it is not, of itself. So God needs the physical realm to know it is not the physical realm.(Although it is as it creates it out of itself.) This is where I cut into into the illusion of Maya and had some deep insights. Get my free book ‘A View of the Path’ on Kobo and other stores soon for more info.

    1. Owen Post author

      When a master goes beyond any level reached by any other master and comes back with a succint realization for the benefit of all, it behooves us to contemplate deeply upon such a message.

      “Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

      From that statement, we can gather that Infinite Being ventured into activity as a result of curiosity and created the Creator.

      Curiosity created the Creator, not that which already existed before.

      Through the work of the Creator, Infinite Being became able to experience Itself from different points of view. Not just static points of view, either. An infinite variety of infinitely changing ones. How exciting!

  7. Eddie Adamberry

    Such deep and wonderful thoughts but do we really know any of it to be absolute truth? To me the answer has to be no. I love all the comments made and I not only learning from them but also enjoy delving deeply into each and everyone off them, but at the end of the day, although I know I am an expression of the one infine and absolute source of all and that is all I am, an expression of god and as such I can only express an opinion and not an absolute truth. My belief is that curiosity is part of the human experience we as spirits can and are having during our time here on earth on the third dimension or density, but for God or source or whatever you wish to address such a being, curiosity was nothing new, for an all knowing God there cannot be anything he/she doesn’t already know. Even before I think my next thought, God already knows what it is. I try to explain it all in a song called “I am a spirit” if you want a copy it’s free, just drop me an email asking for it. Love and peace to all and thanks for such wonderful and interesting comments. Ed x

    1. Adrian Chik

      God already knows what it is but God is also curious about the experience of what iti is. God therefore created a contextual field in order to experience that through its creations.

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