When the World Was Flat

by Owen K Waters

Beliefs change over time. Back in the day when the world was flat, life was much simpler.

Let’s face it, who could have imagined that the world would be anything but flat? If someone came up with the idea that the world was round, then obviously those on the underside of the world would be upside down and they’d fall off!

Back in those days, the population was much smaller. Farmhands and fishermen couldn’t read or write, but they could haggle over price at the street market and the merchants knew enough to be able to make the right change when presented with a large coin for a small purchase.

Today, government schooling produces kids who may not be able to make change, but they can read, write, and be trained to believe that their lives will be protected and governed from cradle to grave by kind and loving bureaucrats.

Back in the simple days when the earth was flat, priests and rulers decided what the people should be taught. Being a patriarchal world, God the Creator was presented as a father figure, human-like, yet all powerful. He was even given a human-like bad temper so that people would fear straying from under the priests’ control.

When a gathering of bishops came together in the year 325 AD to argue over what should be the unified philosophy of the new and expanding Christian church, they agreed to include the Trinity concept of the Creator, but with modifications. They wanted Jesus firmly established as the one and only son of God. After all, they had to. They were in competition with the same claim coming from a succession of Roman emperors.

To insert Jesus into the Creative Trinity, he’d have to take position number three as positions one and two would be, as in all religious philosophies, the male and female aspects of the Creator. But wait, the patriarchs didn’t want equal rights for a female, even if She is the Mother God, so She got bumped over into third place. That made room for Jesus right next to the Father.

Furthermore, that Mother aspect of God – the spirit of love that pervades the universe – was confusingly renamed as the Holy Spirit and then hardly ever mentioned just to make sure no one ever asked after Her.

That worked for many centuries while the majority of people were uneducated, unthinking laborer-types. Until now. The whole God the Father bias is open to question.

Will we shift to a Creator that is equal parts Father God and Mother God, or will we ditch the whole parental paradigm and move forward to a more realistic Universal Spirit?

After all, the Creator has to be larger than its creation, and the universe is beginning to look awfully big.

Or, we could even go beyond the beyond and wonder What Created the Creator?

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8 thoughts on “When the World Was Flat

  1. Ifetayo Azibo

    Thank you for acknowleging the masculine and feminine principal.
    I’ve always questioned the idea of a Man producing all that is and have called the Creators of the Uni-verse “Mother/Father”.
    It makes more sense to me.

  2. Carla van Raay

    Ha ha! Owen, you have a way of putting it so nicely. I want to encourage Christians brought up in the old paradigm: I was one once, a Catholic nun even, and it didn’t hurt me one bit to wake up, let it all go and enjoy a larger truth.

  3. Ed

    The fact that we have both male and female in our world proves that god is both male and female, after all are we not made in the image and likeness of the creator? I too was brought up thinking of God as a father figure but that belief was challenged some time ago and since then I address god as mother/father god and me (little me) as one expression of that which is all there is in infinity.

  4. Margaret

    Thank you for this post Owen titled, When the World was Flat. I eagerly anticipate the next post on Who Created the Creator, which has for a long time been my burning issue. I mean, it’s all very well relating everything , manifest and unmanifest, to the primordial cosmic soup which I call The Void. But how did The Void come into being if that’s all there is? How did Consciousness itself come into being, even if there is no beginning nor end??

  5. Sandra

    So enjoyed this article. I am reading a new NDW book and those very questions came up for me.
    Is God the only God? Is God “the” God of everything, place and being, or God of this Universe?
    Where did God come from? Was He always, or was there a beginning of God? And if so where did He come from? What is beyond God? And finally, for now, if we are Co-Creator Gods, when we complete all training and become Gods – what happens next????? So many ?’s. Looking forward to more on this subject. Thank you for being here for inquiring people like me. Sandra

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