The Law of Creation

by Owen K Waters

The Law of Creation has three components, or aspects of consciousness. Simply put, they are thought, feeling and motion, although you could use other terms such as intention, attention, and action. Basically, when the male or yang aspect is set into complementary motion with the female or yin aspect, then all of Creation becomes possible.

So, how does the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate to the Indian trinity of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (maintainer), and Shiva (destroyer)?

Both relate closely to the Original Trinity principle or Law of Creation.

The founders of the Christian church wanted Jesus to sit next to the Father, so the Holy Spirit (known in the East as Mother God) was bumped over one place to make room.

Hindu philosophy took the stance that, if the Trinity is to include Creation, it should also include the opposite, or destruction. This is a reasonable stance if you look at examples of life and death in nature.

However, a more accurate basic principle in today’s age of scientific thinking would be motion rather than the concept of destruction. Motion is what makes the universe possible.

For example, we now know that light energy consists of (the yang energy of) electricity plus (the yin energy of) magnetism set into complementary motion at a specific frequency. The basic principle of all Creation is yin and yang in motion.


8 thoughts on “The Law of Creation

    1. Owen Post author

      All challenges in the lives of lightworkers are there to enable them to show others a better way toward their solution. In the case of disharmony in the physical body, you can try out various ways to add life energy and raise the operating frequency of the body. This can involve healing techniques, essential oils, and going to a non-toxic, vegan diet while adding life force-empowering green juices or green smoothies to the daily diet.
      Note that natural healing takes time. If it took years for a condition to develop, it will likely take months of daily attention to alleviate that condition. Self-healing techniques such as QiGong or Reiki need to be practiced daily for months while watching for signs of progress.
      This is how lightworkers lead the way into a better world. They try the higher energy alternatives and this pioneering action forges new paths in the global mind atmosphere so that others find it easier to follow.
      Lightworker pioneers leave the world in better shape than they found it.

  1. John Coombes

    If opposites are the “engine” of growth, this has played out with our constant conflict through identifying an opponent, be it through race, colour, creed or sex. As we evolve into a global world that is bringing us together and eroding this means of conflict, what shape will the new “engine” take to maintain this essential friction?

    1. Owen Post author

      Variations on the theme of being human aren’t so much opposites as differences. In 2D and lower 3D thinking, differences are used to enable separation into “us” versus “them”, thereby generating conflict and the chance of gaining power over another group of people. In the 4D consciousness that is now emerging in the world, these issues of separation are being healed with thoughts of heartfelt integration.
      World peace will come from the promotion of heart-centered consciousness. Then the skeletons of 2D and 3D divisive thinking will be left behind in the healing climate of 4D consciousness.

  2. Ina M. Plympton

    Thank you for all that you are doing to help us “grow” our consciousness!!!

    QUESTION: What is the most sacred purpose of meditation?

    Thank you for answering.

  3. Owen Post author

    The highest spiritual purpose of meditation is communication with the superconscious or soul level of consciousness. This enables greater alignment with the person’s purpose in life so that they can avoid distractions and focus on being on-purpose with their own soul-based life plan.

  4. mary

    Sometimes I think If I live on the top of a large mountain, with no distractions from the “outside” world , inner peace would be easier to feel, to find, to live in.
    It is a challenge.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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