In the Beginning…

by Owen K Waters

I love to say, “In the Beginning…” It sounds so dramatic, like a Biblical epic about to unfold.

But, wait. How about before the beginning?

The universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old. That means that before then – 14 billion years ago by our sense of reckoning – the universe did not yet exist. So, what DID exist? And… where were you 14 billion years ago?

At that point in the story of Creation, the all-pervasive mind of Infinite Being had created an active aspect of itself which we now call the Creator. The Creator was charged with manifesting a universe-size theater of action where Infinite Being could experience itself from an infinite number of viewpoints.

And, yet, the Creator had not yet figured exactly how to create all this. Let’s face it, it’s not easy creating an apparently solid universe using nothing but consciousness and yet, somehow, that’s exactly what was achieved.

We know that physical matter consists of energy, but what is energy? No, don’t look up a physics textbook for the answer. Today’s institutional scientists suspect the answer, but they don’t like it. At least, not yet. The answer is consciousness.

Matter is compressed energy and energy is compressed consciousness.

Actually, the correct term is Divine consciousness, but that has an even greater tendency to send the average physicist running and screaming away down the nearest corridor!

The universe exists within the mind of the Creator. That means that everything within the universe – you, me, all life everywhere, even inanimate objects like paper clips – all consist of Divine consciousness and ARE Divine consciousness. There is nothing else in existence but the Divine consciousness that was used to create everything.

We are not just filled with the all-pervasive mind of God. We ARE that mind. As odd as it may seem to the casual observer, we are Infinite Being!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I always find it hard to imagine that I am part of this massive whole when I live in a world full of seven billion other individuals. As people, we think like separate entities; we are separated by space, by time, and by attitude. Yet, beneath that veneer of separation, we are all connected and we are part of that one reality from which all life was created.

That means, 14 billions years ago, you and I were part of that which faced the imponderable challenge – HOW do you create an apparently solid universe using nothing but consciousness?

Personally, I find it hard enough to remember exactly what I was doing last week, let alone 14 billion years ago!

Fortunately, it’s not really that long ago at all because time is an illusion. Each moment in time is just another viewpoint in the great Here and Now that is the awareness of Infinite Being.

Space is also an illusion. Let’s see how.


The Nature of Space

How about you and I playing God for a moment? Just for fun. Imagine we’re in that awe-inspiring place where we need a universe, yet we still haven’t figured out how to build one.

If you’re going to build something from the ground up, so to speak, it can also be built from a ground state of awareness. The all-pervasive awareness of Infinite Being is that ground state of consciousness which includes everything in existence.

Nothing can exist outside of Infinite Being because, by definition of the word infinite, nothing else can exist. There is no infinite plus anything. That would be impossible.

Space can be created when you imagine an envelope of awareness. Within that envelope, you can place your awareness at position A and, being God, also at position B. From position A, you can look at the position B version of you and vice versa. Then, you can create lots of positions and view different versions of yourself from each of those viewpoints.

Finally! Now, you the Creator have found a way to achieve the first requirement of the mission – to create a universe-size theater of action where Infinite Being can experience itself from an infinite number of viewpoints.

You can make the envelope of space as big as you want. The next problem is – and this is where time comes into the picture – cause and effect are instantaneous in the Great Here and Now.

Every change you make anywhere in the envelope instantly manifests. Now, it’s hardly a theater of action if you make changes and everything that happens is all over, literally, in no time at all.

Good theater requires time, as well as a plot, actors, scenery that changes, and gripping challenges that are fascinating and which take time to resolve.

Yes, time… if the Creator only had time.


The Nature of Time

“If I only had Time.” That’s exactly what the Creator must have thought while mulling over the design stage of the Creation.

Time is necessary so that experience can be gained from choices taken and changes made at an appropriate pace for learning.

In the Great Here and Now which is the underlying reality of Infinite Being, time as we know it does not exist. Any change has an instantaneous effect. Therefore, in order to enjoy the adventure of immersion in a physical universe, Infinite Being and its Creator aspect needed the dimensional property that we call Time.

The great miracle of the dimension of time is that it can produce the illusion of slow change when the only thing that really exists is the Great Here and Now. Think about it. In a reality where all things are Here and everything is Now, how did the Creator create the illusion of Time so that we could play out our lives of experience at an appropriate rate?

The best analogy is that of a motion picture. Movie films consist of a sequence of photographs being projected onto a screen at, typically, 24 frames per second. Even though each frame contains just a static image, the illusion of motion is achieved by subsequent frames being projected fast enough for the human brain to perceive the changes as smooth action. Changes through time are created from a collection of static images, and that is the same way the Creator created Time.

The universe flashes on and off millions of times per second. Each frame is a different viewpoint of the Great Here and Now. It is re-created in each of those rapidly-appearing, still-action frames. The physical brain is entrained to the timing of that universal movie projector mechanism. All we see is continual change, even though such change consists of many still-action, static frames.

With Time in existence, it is then possible for human decisions to be made and for subsequent changes to unfold at a speed that allows for learning and reflection. And that was achieved even though, in truth, all changes are just a collection of different viewpoints of the Great Here and Now.

So, Creation didn’t actually happen an incredibly long time ago, even though it seems that way. In reality, it really happened, and is happening, right now! To the timing mechanism in our brains, however, it still seems sooooo… long ago.

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9 thoughts on “In the Beginning…

  1. Paul Cragg

    Dear Owen,

    I love this new channel/platform/blog on metaphysics. It brings insights into the nature of my perception of self that are valuable to me. You have a wonderful way of explaining the nature of reality in a “down to earth” way. Thank you.

    This article on the nature of time is no exception.

    Sending my love to you


  2. Eddie Adamberry

    Hi Owen,
    What a wonderful way of putting this concept or idea of how creation came into being and when.
    For quite some time now, I have been aware of the exact same thing you have so beautifully expressed here, your great gift for putting it all in words it so clear.
    My gift is in songwriting an I was able to put the exact same concept in a song called “I am Spirit” it starts by saying “Before the beginning of time I existed, I witnessed the birth of the stars that make up the universe. Before the creation of man, I existed. My name was engraved on the palm of the hand of him who created the world and all of it’s people, I knew that one day I would have to be born, take up a body and think with the mind of a man, but I am a Spirit, yes I am a spirit and I’m sailing, sailing across the sea of life” The song continues on to explain that at some point in time “I was lost somewhere in the vastness of it all, but was found by the light of love that shines much brighter than our sun and the truth about its nature is that love and light are surely one” This song is available for free to anyone who wishes to enjoy its beauty, just drop me a line requesting it (to and I’ll send you an MP3 copy.
    Love what write Owen keep it going and spread it out into the world. Much love Ed x

  3. Barbara Naddaff

    Dear Owen,
    I Love and am inspired by all your articles
    84 years old and still growing and loving this amazing life.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in a way that I can understand.



  4. Esther

    Much Love and Gratitude to you Dear Owen. Thank you so much for all you do to help us to understand the big picture. You are awesome!!!

  5. Carla van Raay

    This is Awesome! I have heard it before but not as I did this time. Thank you, Owen. I listened, incidentally, to a Mahatma Meditation, and felt that the air, the breath, is Divine Consciousness. There is nothing else than Consciousness. I don’t pretend I really get this … it’s like being in Wonderland.

  6. Rod Lawless

    Like Carla, I had new insights from Owen’s insights. I love reading these posts as they open me up more to what I am. I’m not sure about the God pondering how to do things scenario. As you say, a long time ago is now. Some of us believe the Universe started 14.8 million years ago, but I think it’s always been here due to eternity always being here Now. Eternity didn’t start so nor did what it creates as that would mean it waited until the right time. If there was no physical universe that would mean no thinking and therefore no realisation that there is no physical universe. Just a thought, but then I love thinking about this stuff. Thank you.

  7. Morgan

    Time like demensions, provides structure.

    Gratitude to you Owen for this sight. Will be sharing it with my students of Metaphysics❣


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