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The Power of Imagination

by Owen K Waters

In the dream state, you create any reality that you desire. In a dream, you can be with anyone you imagine and in any surroundings that you choose. In a dream, you might be walking through the local scenery, then suddenly switch to driving in a car and, finally, be flying through the air to get somewhere more quickly. The background scenery can change from one scene to another in a split-second.

When you awake, you may dismiss the dream as an imaginary, fast-changing jumble of pure fantasy. After all, when you come back into the cold, solid light of the physical world, the dream world seems so unreal. But is it? Are all dreams just your imagination running wild, or are those scenic backdrops really created around you within the very fabric of the dream world?

What about those times when you awake from a dream that seemed so real, you find it hard to believe that it wasn’t real. And yet, you’ve been taught to believe that dreams are never real, so then you struggle between that in-built belief and the fact that you’ve just had a very real dream experience.

For example, in a dream, was that really your favorite granddad visiting you, or did you just make it all up? And, why did he look so much younger than when he was alive?

Now, here is the surprising secret. Dreams are real. Very real.

When you are dreaming, you are out of your physical body and functioning in your spirit body in the spirit world.

The fabric of the dream world, or spirit world, is called etheric energy. Mystics call it the ‘astral light’ but, technically speaking, its correct name is ethero-magnetic energy. The substances of the physical world, on the other hand, are composed of electro-magnetic energy. Your spirit body is composed of etheric energy and so is the world that surrounds you when you are in the spirit or astral world.

Etheric energy responds instantly to your thought commands. If you want to change your appearance – shape shift – then just think it, and it will be so. If you want to change your surroundings, just imagine a new set of surroundings and they will appear. At least, to your perception, they will, and to anyone in your close proximity.

Those surroundings are created for you temporarily, as a backdrop, by the power of your imagination. The real surroundings of that location are independent of your imaginative creations, which survive only for as long as you pay attention to them. In the spirit world, these mental creations are called thought forms. The more powerful your ability to mentally focus, the larger and more vivid you can make your thought forms. Within the spirit world, they are solid to the touch, as are the bodies of other spirits.

This demonstrates that, in the spirit world, your imagination is very real as it creates new realities instantly. In the physical world, your imagination creates realities over time. In fact, new realities physically manifest only after you have applied the necessary action in order to organize them in the physical world.

Physical realities don’t just manifest out of thin air like they do in the spirit world. You have to intend them, energize them with your feelings, and then walk them through the steps that will enable them to become physically manifest using existing materials.

The common key between the dream world and the physical world is that imagination creates realities. In the spirit world, they manifest instantly and in accordance with the degree of your mental focus. In the physical world they manifest slowly, also in proportion to the effort that you invest in making them happen.

Never let it be said that, “It’s only your imagination.” In the saga of life, your imagination is everything.

Imagination is your creative faculty.

With it, you have, quite simply, the power to change the world.

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The Nature of Your Soul

by Owen K Waters

Your soul is your immortal inner being. It existed before time began and it will always exist, even when you eventually merge back into your ultimate spiritual home as a conscious aspect of Infinite Being – the Divine Source of all life.

There are twelve levels of existence, ranging from the mundane – for example, the consciousness of a rock – up to the levels of the three aspects of the Creator. During our cycles of reincarnation, we use the third, fourth, and fifth of these twelve levels.

The physical realm is in the third density level. The soul is in fifth density, and Infinite Being is beyond the twelfth. Your soul is your individualized spiritual presence, operating in fifth density and it maintains communication with the souls of everyone with whom you interact in daily life.

The soul world of fifth density (or “the fifth dimension” as it may also be called) is non-physical. Our dense physical world is in third density, while fourth density – the afterlife or spirit world – is quasi-physical. The term quasi-physical means that the spirit world is solid to its residents, even though they are etheric or ghost-like when compared to our dense physical structures. Spirits can, and do, bump into each other in the spirit realms because they are solid relative to each other.

Life in the spirit world is much like life in our dense physical world, except that there are certain freedoms that come with having a less dense body. The ability to levitate is one such freedom and, better still, spirits can project themselves almost instantly to another location and suddenly appear there. It just takes mental focus and they suddenly appear at the target location.

Fifth density is the start of non-physical existence, so your soul exists as a non-physical sphere of consciousness. Some traditions refer to the soul as the “mental body” and the soul realms as the “mental realms,” although they are referring to higher mental functions rather than basic, mathematical-type intellect.

Your soul has the freedom to relocate both in time and space but it spends most of its time catering to the needs of its physical, incarnate self. Your soul is the recorder and cataloger of all of your experiences as you add your contribution to the vast array of human experience on earth.

A major portion of your soul consciousness lives right here in third density with you, tending to your every spiritual need. As your inner self, your soul knows you better than anyone else in the world does, and it’s available for consultation instantly at any time. The limiting factor is how much your physical mind will allow and accept these intuitive, soul-originated thoughts.

Make a decision to live a life more inspired by intuitive, inner wisdom, and open up your awareness more to the whisperings of your intuitive nature. Practice following your innermost hunches. Make a note of them so that you can look back later and see how accurate they become.

Most of all, don’t be deterred if your hunches seem inaccurate during any early attempts. It happens that way to most people. If you are new to intuitive listening, just keep practicing and very soon your hunches will start turning into a resource so valuable that you’ll wonder what you did without it.

Whatever you want to achieve in life – an abundance of spiritual growth, greater friendships, financial support, or better health – you can use the capabilities of your soul-based consciousness to empower you and reach that goal of achievement.

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The Greatest Mystery of All Time

by Owen K Waters

Western religion has never been a fan of spiritual philosophy. Let’s face it, deep thinkers are far to risky to have around when great power is at stake. People who thought too much were silenced one way or another.

Look at the poor guy who promoted the idea that the Earth is not really the center of the universe. For his efforts, Galileo was tried for heresy by the Inquisition and, because he was already well-known, the worst they could do to shut him up was to place him under house arrest for the rest of his life.

For thousands of years, the healthy questions about life, the universe and everything all came out of the East. In India, for example, the longest-standing mystery of all time goes like this…

The purpose of the universe is for God to manifest into a world of imperfection and then evolve Itself back to perfection. But, as It already possessed perfection, why create a universe in order to find that which It already had?

Why, when Infinite Being was perfection, bliss, and completion in every way, did it want to move from just being into an active state of doing and create the universe?

What a conundrum and, for thousands of years, there was never an explanation in sight. Until today. Well, until 2007, to be exact.

Remember, these are the days when the secrets are coming out. The mysteries of the universe are to be secret no more. There are ascended masters who impress the minds of physical people at opportune times with information that needs to be made public. No doubt, in recent years, the same realization has filtered into the minds of many thinking persons, but here is how it was given to me.

I was alone in my study pondering that exact question. (Talk about an opportune moment!) Suddenly, the energy changed and I was very much not alone. The room filled with the presence of an advanced master whose energy I immediately recognized from previous encounters.

Realizing that the experience was sending me into what was virtually a dreaming-awake state, and that I was therefore at risk of my memory fading soon after the experience, I grabbed a pen and notepad to record his exact message:

First of all, the thought, “I’ve cracked the code”, came into my head as clear as day.

“What?” I responded, then immediately knew what he meant, as if an understanding had just unfolded into my consciousness.

“I found the answer”, he clarified and, again, a set of related information unfolded itself into my awareness. He had gone beyond the beyond, into realms never yet explored in order to find the answer and bring it back home.

“What is it?”, I gasped in surprise, and promptly received an assurance that it was something quite simple. Actually, when you think about it, an ultimate reality has to be ultimately simple.

“What was the answer?”, I thought, almost bursting with intense curiosity.

Right there, very appropriately, he dropped the answer into my thought stream.

“Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

Infinite Being, in its ultimate peace, bliss and completeness in all ways, had initially developed a spark of curiosity! That was the one, initial catalyst through which all else had come into being.

Curiosity had led to the desire to explore, for Infinite Being to begin to see itself from different viewpoints and to see where that would lead.

The great journey from being to doing had begun in that embryonic seed of curiosity.

The outbreath into Creation had begun and it would continue, driven by the power of curiosity, until the inbreath would eventually bring all of Creation back to its spiritual roots, enriched by having gained an infinite variety of experiences.

Curiosity was the earliest motivator in the history of Creation. Life as we know it began with curiosity.

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Jesus’ Secret Mission

by Owen K Waters

As people’s consciousness rises, it becomes more difficult for the church to convince people that they should be filled with guilt. For centuries, the church has used guilt to gain control over people and actually, in times of lower consciousness, that was probably for the best.

Let’s face it, if the average medieval villager would use the slightest excuse to start looting and plundering, they really did need someone to maintain order with an iron hand. It was even worse in the time of Jesus. If a wandering tribe wandered into the wrong place, the locals would attack and try to slaughter them. Brotherly love was not the fashion in those days.

Jesus stepped into that less-than-friendly era to inspire an upgrade in consciousness from a society where order was maintained by force to one based on heart-centered kindness. Two thousand years later, we may not be there yet, but enormous progress has been made. And, here we are, passing through this critical era of The Shift to higher consciousness.

The evolution of intelligence in the universe is planned and protected by the Creator. Within the universe, the third aspect of the Creative Trinity takes the form of what might be called Lords of Karma. These are massive fields of consciousness, greater in size even than galaxies. They knew that we would have the opportunity to go through The Shift to higher consciousness today, and they also saw a huge barrier standing in our way.

At the time of Jesus, the predator-like misbehavior of humanity was building karmic pressure for another major setback, a global disaster similar in scale to the Biblical flood which had occurred thousands of years before.

The church teaches that Jesus intervened and died for the sins of humanity, but they don’t teach the metaphysical knowledge of how that was done. Here it is.

There is an ancient yogic initiation available to advanced spiritual masters. It involves a technique which may be no great secret, but it wouldn’t be of much use in the hands of the average ordinary human anyway. Here’s why.

If you read about the Hawkins scale of consciousness in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, you will recall that everyone contributes to the condition of the global mind atmosphere. A very high frequency of consciousness by one advanced person can compensate for the effect of millions of people of low-frequency, depressive states of consciousness. That’s because higher frequencies have proportionately greater effect than lower frequencies.

This advanced yogic technique uses the same principle, but in a much more powerful way. With it, the master can take the karmic burden of others upon themselves. Jesus died a horrible death while deliberately siphoning off the destructive karma of humanity, saving civilization from being set back thousands of years.

He knew that this was his mission and he knew the terrible suffering he would have to endure. He played a politically inflaming role knowing that it would lead to conditions where his sacrifice became a reality.

Yes, he suffered to save humanity from its sins but is it fair to berate church congregations with such a guilt-inducing message? Not any more.

The Church that rose upon the teachings of Jesus is decades behind schedule in upgrading their message to fit today’s new consciousness. It is no longer appropriate to put down kind-hearted people that could be in their congregations – the very people who are the hope of the world. A guilt-filled lack of self worth is so very yesterday. Today, people need to raise their hearts and minds to inspire the global mind atmosphere.

We have the power to transform the entire planet with our love and light.

Let us always remember that we are here today, living in comparative ease and freedom, able to make The Shift to higher consciousness thanks to the enormous sacrifice made by Jesus two thousand years ago.


Christian mysticism is a wonderful way to help Christians move forward with spiritually self-empowering information. If only there had been such material easily available in my youth.

As a child, Sunday mornings would see my mother playing the church organ and me as a choirboy stuck in the choir stalls. Apparently, it was easier to keep an eye on me there.

The vicar used to routinely accuse the congregation of being miserable sinners, but I can’t say I listened much. As a soon-to-be mystic, my thoughts tended to be elsewhere.

Now, if the vicar had been a Christian mystic, his sermons would have been worth listening to. But, what can you expect. That was the early 1960s and the church was still peddling the guilt-and-control agenda that had worked so well for many centuries.

Today, for those interested in Christian mysticism, fascinating material can be just a mouse-click away.

One of today’s leading Christian mystics, Brian Longhurst, had just released a new book called, Entering the Kingdom Within.

This insightful work radiates the love of Jesus from its wonderfully-written pages and brings a long-awaited breath of life to true Christianity.

It is available now at
or, in Britain and Europe:


In the Beginning…

by Owen K Waters

I love to say, “In the Beginning…” It sounds so dramatic, like a Biblical epic about to unfold.

But, wait. How about before the beginning?

The universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old. That means that before then – 14 billion years ago by our sense of reckoning – the universe did not yet exist. So, what DID exist? And… where were you 14 billion years ago?

At that point in the story of Creation, the all-pervasive mind of Infinite Being had created an active aspect of itself which we now call the Creator. The Creator was charged with manifesting a universe-size theater of action where Infinite Being could experience itself from an infinite number of viewpoints.

And, yet, the Creator had not yet figured exactly how to create all this. Let’s face it, it’s not easy creating an apparently solid universe using nothing but consciousness and yet, somehow, that’s exactly what was achieved.

We know that physical matter consists of energy, but what is energy? No, don’t look up a physics textbook for the answer. Today’s institutional scientists suspect the answer, but they don’t like it. At least, not yet. The answer is consciousness.

Matter is compressed energy and energy is compressed consciousness.

Actually, the correct term is Divine consciousness, but that has an even greater tendency to send the average physicist running and screaming away down the nearest corridor!

The universe exists within the mind of the Creator. That means that everything within the universe – you, me, all life everywhere, even inanimate objects like paper clips – all consist of Divine consciousness and ARE Divine consciousness. There is nothing else in existence but the Divine consciousness that was used to create everything.

We are not just filled with the all-pervasive mind of God. We ARE that mind. As odd as it may seem to the casual observer, we are Infinite Being!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I always find it hard to imagine that I am part of this massive whole when I live in a world full of seven billion other individuals. As people, we think like separate entities; we are separated by space, by time, and by attitude. Yet, beneath that veneer of separation, we are all connected and we are part of that one reality from which all life was created.

That means, 14 billions years ago, you and I were part of that which faced the imponderable challenge – HOW do you create an apparently solid universe using nothing but consciousness?

Personally, I find it hard enough to remember exactly what I was doing last week, let alone 14 billion years ago!

Fortunately, it’s not really that long ago at all because time is an illusion. Each moment in time is just another viewpoint in the great Here and Now that is the awareness of Infinite Being.

Space is also an illusion. Let’s see how.


The Nature of Space

How about you and I playing God for a moment? Just for fun. Imagine we’re in that awe-inspiring place where we need a universe, yet we still haven’t figured out how to build one.

If you’re going to build something from the ground up, so to speak, it can also be built from a ground state of awareness. The all-pervasive awareness of Infinite Being is that ground state of consciousness which includes everything in existence.

Nothing can exist outside of Infinite Being because, by definition of the word infinite, nothing else can exist. There is no infinite plus anything. That would be impossible.

Space can be created when you imagine an envelope of awareness. Within that envelope, you can place your awareness at position A and, being God, also at position B. From position A, you can look at the position B version of you and vice versa. Then, you can create lots of positions and view different versions of yourself from each of those viewpoints.

Finally! Now, you the Creator have found a way to achieve the first requirement of the mission – to create a universe-size theater of action where Infinite Being can experience itself from an infinite number of viewpoints.

You can make the envelope of space as big as you want. The next problem is – and this is where time comes into the picture – cause and effect are instantaneous in the Great Here and Now.

Every change you make anywhere in the envelope instantly manifests. Now, it’s hardly a theater of action if you make changes and everything that happens is all over, literally, in no time at all.

Good theater requires time, as well as a plot, actors, scenery that changes, and gripping challenges that are fascinating and which take time to resolve.

Yes, time… if the Creator only had time.


The Nature of Time

“If I only had Time.” That’s exactly what the Creator must have thought while mulling over the design stage of the Creation.

Time is necessary so that experience can be gained from choices taken and changes made at an appropriate pace for learning.

In the Great Here and Now which is the underlying reality of Infinite Being, time as we know it does not exist. Any change has an instantaneous effect. Therefore, in order to enjoy the adventure of immersion in a physical universe, Infinite Being and its Creator aspect needed the dimensional property that we call Time.

The great miracle of the dimension of time is that it can produce the illusion of slow change when the only thing that really exists is the Great Here and Now. Think about it. In a reality where all things are Here and everything is Now, how did the Creator create the illusion of Time so that we could play out our lives of experience at an appropriate rate?

The best analogy is that of a motion picture. Movie films consist of a sequence of photographs being projected onto a screen at, typically, 24 frames per second. Even though each frame contains just a static image, the illusion of motion is achieved by subsequent frames being projected fast enough for the human brain to perceive the changes as smooth action. Changes through time are created from a collection of static images, and that is the same way the Creator created Time.

The universe flashes on and off millions of times per second. Each frame is a different viewpoint of the Great Here and Now. It is re-created in each of those rapidly-appearing, still-action frames. The physical brain is entrained to the timing of that universal movie projector mechanism. All we see is continual change, even though such change consists of many still-action, static frames.

With Time in existence, it is then possible for human decisions to be made and for subsequent changes to unfold at a speed that allows for learning and reflection. And that was achieved even though, in truth, all changes are just a collection of different viewpoints of the Great Here and Now.

So, Creation didn’t actually happen an incredibly long time ago, even though it seems that way. In reality, it really happened, and is happening, right now! To the timing mechanism in our brains, however, it still seems sooooo… long ago.

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The Truth About Karma

by Owen K Waters

Karma is very different from what most people think it is. The word itself, usually prefixed by the word “bad,” generates ideas of retribution or punishment for past misadventures. Somewhere in the heavens above, so people imagine, an accountant is supposed to be keeping track of your karmic balance.

I used to assume that karma was all about maintaining a balance, so therefore the universe contained some law that made it reflective in nature and therefore automatically self-balancing. However, I stand corrected by recent revelations from my senior guide and mentor, an archangel who serves humanity in the vitally essential office of Lord Protector of The Shift.

Karma is an effect of creation. There is no inherent reflective capability in the universe. The apparent reflections, which people sometimes call their karma, come from the ongoing patterns of consciousness which they have created.

Each of us has a karmic pattern, which is like a tapestry filled with a variety of cross-linked energies. Each thread woven into your karmic pattern was placed there by your creation of a certain pattern of consciousness.

Each created pattern of consciousness within the tapestry of your karmic pattern exists because you have given it life. It will continue to exist and attract circumstances to itself as long as you feed its existence. That attraction is caused by the emotional component of the creation.

The Law of Creation is invoked when intention and feeling are set into motion.

The feeling part of the thought pattern creates a field of attraction which, by its nature, attracts relevant circumstances to itself.

How to Change Your Karma

People often ask if their karmic pattern can be changed. Yes, it can. It changes all the time. What has been created and empowered by an emotional charge will soon fade away when that emotional charge no longer feeds it.

In a more sudden fashion, a rise in consciousness can transform a karmic pattern. For example, if someone were intent on jealousy as a way of life and then they experienced a sudden awakening which transformed them to a higher level of thought, their life could change at that very moment.

They could decide to become loving and forgiving instead of continuing to feed the old jealousy pattern. That decision would be the end of the jealousy part of their karmic pattern. It would be taken out of existence by the transformation which made the person no longer interested in feeding that pattern of consciousness. The former creation would dissipate, its energy being released back to the universe, and it would stop generating karmic circumstances.

In Summary

The Law of Karma states that thought patterns attract experiences to you which match the patterns. Your overall karmic pattern is a collection of each thought pattern you have created. It can change as you raise your level of consciousness through spiritual growth but the Law of Karma never ceases to operate. It is built into Creation and is always in full operation at all levels of Creation, attracting those patterns you have created through your intentions, feelings and actions.

Here’s the Especially Good News

The Law of Karma guarantees that when you give, you will receive. When you heal, you will receive healing. When you teach what you have learned to others, you will find that even greater insights dawn within you as a result.

If you decide with all your heart that this is the year you will succeed in fulfilling your soul purpose in this life, then that adds a thread to your karmic pattern which will affect your present and future. Like a magnet drawing resources and circumstances toward you, this thread will help you navigate through life in a way which can fulfill your wish in every possible way.

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Science’s Biggest Blunder

by Owen K Waters

The Scientific Revolution emerged at a time when religion maintained an oppressive grasp over the minds of the day. Great minds like Isaac Newton lived in fear that his discoveries in scientific philosophy would bring down the weight of an inquisition upon his head.

Perhaps he had good reason to worry. His laws of mechanics helped promote the idea that the universe may simply be a gigantic machine. In that case, it became possible to see a machine-like universe running itself without the need for the God of religion to be running things.

Materialists loved the idea. A God in heaven was no longer needed to run the universe. Freed from the oppressing idea that a judgmental God is watching your every move, they felt liberated, almost like wild, rebellious schoolchildren who suddenly find they “don’t need Teachur no more!”

Such a reaction is understandable. After all, they had lived under an image of God as a stern old man with a personality more dour than their local bishop.

The theory of the universe as a self-running machine seemed fine for inanimate objects, but it had problems when applied to living things, especially human beings.

After all, there was that unpredictable attribute of humans called free will. How automated can that be? I have yet to witness a machine have a mood swing and exercise its free will to go off in a huff.

There are people today who think that, because computers can add two and two together really quickly, they will soon be able to do everything better than humans. Yeah… right!

How about imagination? Can a computer imagine its own possibilities?

Can it Feel the Fear and do it anyway?

How about creativity? What can a computer create that is better than anything that has ever been done before. The last time I looked, programming is based on the past. It can’t create anything new, as in clever and original.

How about curiosity? Where does that come into the picture of God Not In The Machine? Does a computer yearn to discover why it was created and what its true mission in life may be? I think not.

This, then, is science’s biggest blunder. In a juvenile quest to eliminate anything bigger or better than their fragile egos, some people ignore the obvious question.

“If the universe is a giant machine, then who is its designer and creator?”

Machines do not build themselves.

Science will progress by studying the brilliant work of the Grand Engineer, not by ignoring it.

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What Created the Creator?

by Owen K Waters

The Tao Te Ching is famous for mind-numbing statements about the nature of ultimate consciousness – statements like,

“Tao is everything and yet nothing.”

Some people, panicked with an overwhelming sense of confusion from such statements, feel compelled to take definite steps… great big ones in the opposite direction!

You have to ask, though, how can it be possible for the ultimate state of consciousness to be everything and yet nothing?

Well, what if it started out as essentially nothing – just a passive sense of awareness – and then decided to become active and create the universe? Then, its essence would be in everything in the universe. What the statement means is that Tao – the original consciousness of the All That Is – found a way to create the universe.

Better yet, the Tao Te Ching goes on to lists the steps that were necessary to make such Creation possible:

“Tao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things.”

Let’s follow those steps in turn.

Tao produced One

Tao, as original consciousness, is an all-pervasive state of beingness. This has been called the Absolute, the Godhead, Brahman, Universal Spirit, and many other names. Personally, I like the term Infinite Being to describe that which existed before original consciousness formed the Creator.

Infinite Being. Complete, motionless, perfect beingness which, stirred by a sense of curiosity, decided to form an active version of Itself, to form the Creator of all things.

One produced Two

The challenge was HOW. How is it possible to create the universe as we know it when working with just one tool… that of consciousness?

Now, if you divide consciousness into two distinct types, then you have the beginning of something you can work with. Those two types can be described as thought and feeling, intention and attraction, yang and yin, or even expansion and contraction.

You could call them father and mother aspects, but that would not be the best analogy as human beings have a mixture of both types of consciousness. We’re talking here about pure, unblended scientific principles. Principles as different from each other as electricity is from magnetism. Two distinct energies, as different as the energy of a bar magnet is to a streak of lightning.

Two produced Three

Now you have two separate yet complementary types of consciousness, what can you do with them as energies? Bar magnets don’t DO anything unless you wave a conductive piece of metal near them. Static electricity doesn’t DO anything unless you give it a channel where it can discharge and make a big spark. Doing involves action. You need the principle of motion to make things happen.

Now, notice how all the physical energies in the universe travel at the speed of light. How convenient that they all travel at that exact speed. It’s almost as if they were designed to do that… and they were.

It is not by chance that the universe is expanding at the speed of light. That’s how the principle of motion is created and that’s why physical energies travel at exactly that speed.

The universe is fed through its central Sun with constant supplies of expansive yang energy and contractive yin energy. The two counter-balance and, if they were supplied in equal amounts, the universe would stay the same size. It would be static and energies would never move anywhere.

But they’re not in balance, and that’s the whole trick. The universe is fed with slightly more expansive yang energy than contractive yin energy so that it expands at the carefully-controlled speed that we call the speed of light. The principle of motion – the third part of the Creative Trinity – was created by this slight imbalance in the first two energies.

Three produced All things

With the three principles of the Creative Trinity in place, all else could be added in the creation of the universe. Realms of existence could be created at different densities. Energies could be used to bring meaning to those layers of existence. Galaxies could be designed and created, suns, planets, all forms of life, the list goes on ad infinitum.

Infinite Being manifesting as infinite varieties of Itself.

How to detect Infinite Being

The universe consists of this underlying sense of beingness expressed in an infinite number of ways. All things in Creation are made from consciousness and are therefore conscious in some way. Even a rock or a subatomic particle has consciousness, awareness and feeling.

Your own basic consciousness, the underlying sense of beingness that makes you know that you exist, is your own experience of the consciousness of Infinite Being.

From where did Infinite Being come?

The answer to the question, “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” is easy. The chicken came first and was created to be self-reproducing.

A less obvious question is, “What came before Infinite Being?”

To find the answer, look at the definition of Infinite Being. It is original consciousness. It is passive, perfect, yet fully aware of all things. It is the awareness within all things.

It is the ultimate something. That something cannot be nothing. It cannot be a vacuum of nothingness, because then it would not be something.

As the Creator is made up of consciousness, as is everything in Creation, that tells us that the original something has to be consciousness.

It also has to be infinite in scope because if it were finite, then something else would exist beyond it.

The term Infinite Being encapsulates both properties – that of infinite scope and its nature as consciousness.

While the consciousness of the Creator is active, the original, underlying awareness of Infinite Being is passive. It is the Isness.

Infinite Being is the ultimate state of consciousness beyond which nothing can exist. In the silent stillness of its complete awareness, it is perfection.

Nothing preceded Infinite Being. It is the original something.

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When the World Was Flat

by Owen K Waters

Beliefs change over time. Back in the day when the world was flat, life was much simpler.

Let’s face it, who could have imagined that the world would be anything but flat? If someone came up with the idea that the world was round, then obviously those on the underside of the world would be upside down and they’d fall off!

Back in those days, the population was much smaller. Farmhands and fishermen couldn’t read or write, but they could haggle over price at the street market and the merchants knew enough to be able to make the right change when presented with a large coin for a small purchase.

Today, government schooling produces kids who may not be able to make change, but they can read, write, and be trained to believe that their lives will be protected and governed from cradle to grave by kind and loving bureaucrats.

Back in the simple days when the earth was flat, priests and rulers decided what the people should be taught. Being a patriarchal world, God the Creator was presented as a father figure, human-like, yet all powerful. He was even given a human-like bad temper so that people would fear straying from under the priests’ control.

When a gathering of bishops came together in the year 325 AD to argue over what should be the unified philosophy of the new and expanding Christian church, they agreed to include the Trinity concept of the Creator, but with modifications. They wanted Jesus firmly established as the one and only son of God. After all, they had to. They were in competition with the same claim coming from a succession of Roman emperors.

To insert Jesus into the Creative Trinity, he’d have to take position number three as positions one and two would be, as in all religious philosophies, the male and female aspects of the Creator. But wait, the patriarchs didn’t want equal rights for a female, even if She is the Mother God, so She got bumped over into third place. That made room for Jesus right next to the Father.

Furthermore, that Mother aspect of God – the spirit of love that pervades the universe – was confusingly renamed as the Holy Spirit and then hardly ever mentioned just to make sure no one ever asked after Her.

That worked for many centuries while the majority of people were uneducated, unthinking laborer-types. Until now. The whole God the Father bias is open to question.

Will we shift to a Creator that is equal parts Father God and Mother God, or will we ditch the whole parental paradigm and move forward to a more realistic Universal Spirit?

After all, the Creator has to be larger than its creation, and the universe is beginning to look awfully big.

Or, we could even go beyond the beyond and wonder What Created the Creator?

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The Law of Creation

by Owen K Waters

The Law of Creation has three components, or aspects of consciousness. Simply put, they are thought, feeling and motion, although you could use other terms such as intention, attention, and action. Basically, when the male or yang aspect is set into complementary motion with the female or yin aspect, then all of Creation becomes possible.

So, how does the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate to the Indian trinity of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (maintainer), and Shiva (destroyer)?

Both relate closely to the Original Trinity principle or Law of Creation.

The founders of the Christian church wanted Jesus to sit next to the Father, so the Holy Spirit (known in the East as Mother God) was bumped over one place to make room.

Hindu philosophy took the stance that, if the Trinity is to include Creation, it should also include the opposite, or destruction. This is a reasonable stance if you look at examples of life and death in nature.

However, a more accurate basic principle in today’s age of scientific thinking would be motion rather than the concept of destruction. Motion is what makes the universe possible.

For example, we now know that light energy consists of (the yang energy of) electricity plus (the yin energy of) magnetism set into complementary motion at a specific frequency. The basic principle of all Creation is yin and yang in motion.