The search for spiritual insight ends here…

The Shift to higher consciousness is in full swing and

the secrets of the mystery schools are out in the open.

Let the deepest mysteries of life unravel and be revealed…

Question: Of all the spiritual sites out there, why would I bother reading this one?

Answer: 80% of the sites are not worth reading. Some are even plain misleading. 80% of the remaining ones don’t tell you anything new. This is one of the few sites that are worth your time. Check it out and see for yourself…

Question: What is the meaning of life?

Answer: To grow in consciousness. As your thoughts rise in frequency, the field of your mind expands. The game eventually ends when you are back with the One from which all things originated. At that point, your mind will be – has to be – as large as the universe!

Question: Why was the universe created?

Answer: Curiosity ruffled the placid lake of original consciousness, stirring it into action. The universe is a theater of action where an infinite number of parts of the original consciousness view itself from an infinite number of different viewpoints.

Question: Will I lose my identity when I eventually return to oneness with the original consciousness?

Answer: Each part of the whole is unique. Each human is unique. Even every subatomic particle is unique. As you progress back toward your original source, you retain that uniqueness as that is part of the plan – an infinite variety of unique parts. The concept of losing one’s identity when returning to the Oneness, therefore, is a myth. Identity stays with you all the way and will never be forgotten.

Question: When do we lose the concept of duality?

Answer: Opposites attract. They are vital to Creation. The universe was created by a division of original consciousness into two complementary aspects. Some call these Father God and Mother God. They are the original yin and yang aspects of Creation and they fill all of Creation. Even a huge intelligence such as a planet tends toward one polarity or the other. For example, Gaia and Venus are female, while Mars is male. The universe depends upon harmonious duality.

Question: Where is God’s other half – the Mother God aspect to the Father God?

Answer: You have to consider history, all the way back to When the World Was Flat.

Question: What about the Trinity idea in Creation?

Answer: The Original Trinity principle, which can be called the Law of Creation, consists of the yin and yang principles Father God and Mother God plus a third aspect – see The Law of Creation for more details.

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